CIMB Credit Card Pay With Points

Since 2011, many credit cards issuers such as Maybank and Citibank allow their card holders the option to redeem their points and convert to  “cash” at selected merchants to pay for their transaction/bill in part or in full.

This is great because we no longer need to fill a form or call customer service during  certain hours to redeem for a particular gift. And best of all, you can use whatever points you have to convert to “cash”.

CIMB Bank also have similar program call Pay With Points where card holder can convert 200 points to RM1.

Say for example you have 8000 points only and therefore not enough to redeem for any gift from CIMB Reward Catalogue. You go to KFC and the total bills comes out to RM50, you then can convert this said 8000 points to RM40 and pay only RM10 to the counter staff.

However there are terms and conditions:

1. This program is only applicable to Principal card holders.

2. You must convert Minimum 5000 points or RM25.

3. This program only good up to 10pm daily. But it does not state what time it starts (?).

4. You will not earn Bonus Points with this program.

Besides KFC, some of the other places that you are able to convert your points to cash are:

Saisaki & Shogun

Ichiban Ramen & Taro Ramen

Amarin, Flying Chillies, Absolute Thai, Just Thai, Thai Thai, Bangkok Jam & Celadon. You also get 15% discount at these Thai Restaurants.


Just Perfume & The Perfume Shop

Larrie, Camel Active, Geox, Poney, Quicksilver, Roxy,  Mizuno, World of Sports, Eraman, MPH, ESH and many other outlets.

Click here to CIMB site to see full listing of Merchants that allow you to Pay With Points with your CIMB credit cards.

Many of the merchants mentioned above also offer discount with your CIMB credit cards. Click below image or link to learn more.

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