Free Entry to KLIA & LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge and Worldwide Airport Lounge with Credit Card.

Going for a trip abroad for leisure or business? Do you know that your credit card may grant you complimentary access to KLIA or LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge? Or you want to enter airport lounges worldwide for free with your credit cards? Check out my latest updated article on FREE access to airport lounge at my new blog names GenX GenY GenZ.

I am consolidating all my blogs into a single blog effective today.

We can enter KLIA or LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge for free with Platinum Credit Cards from Alliance Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank.

To enter airport lounge worldwide for free, certain Premier Credit Cards comes with the free Priority Pass Membership Card that grants you complimentary access.

To find out and learn which credit card gives you free limited and unlimited access to airport lounge, check out my article at GenX GenY GenZ.

Click here to to read my article Free Entry to KLIA & LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge with Credit Cards and airport lounges worldwide with Priority Pass Membership Card.

UPDATE 2014 – Click here to my latest article on airport lounges titled The Best Credit Card for FREE Entries to Airport Lounge

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