Malaysia Banks Fixed Deposit Promotion January 2012

If you guys notice, I have a PAGE dedicated to fixed deposit here  at my wordpress blog which I have a link to my Fixed Deposit Page at my new blog called GenX GenY GenZ. Click here to check out latest and highest fixed deposit rates in Malaysia offered by Commercial and Foreign Banks.

The Fixed Deposit Page at blogspot is updated frequently and list the latest Fixed Deposit counter/board interest rates in Malaysia and also promotions offered by banks.

UOB Bank is currently offering 6 and 12 months Fixed Deposit Promotion at interest rates of 3.45% and 3.75% respectively. The requirement is that the minimum deposit amount must be RM10,000 and new funds.

Hong Leong bank is also offering fixed deposit promotion for the Chinese New Year, but unlike UOB’s promotion, you have to deposit RM10K or RM20K into Current or Savings Account (CASA) and maintain it there for 4 months to enjoy the promotional interest rates.

Hong Leong Bank CNY Fixed Deposit FD Interest Rates Promotion

Once again, click here to check out the Highest and Latest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates offered by Malaysia Banks and to read more about the Hong Leong Bank Chinese New Year FD Promotion.

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