Hong Leong Bank Festive Season Promotion

Selected Hong Leong Bank credit card cardholders who receive the SMS (“participant”) are entitled to win 5% cash back for your transaction until 29 February 2012.

Here are some of the Terms and Conditions:

Cash Rebate is base on a first-come-first-served basis determined by system and capped at RM40 per Eligible Cardholder.

Each participant is entitled to receive Cash Rebate ONCE throughout the Promotion Period.

The maximum Cash Rebate payout under this campaign shall be RM32,000.

So far I have yet to receive any SMS from HLB on the promotion, I guess I will just keep my Hong Leong Bank Platinum credit card in the drawer until they sent me the sms.

In my opinion, HLB should have advertised it as 8% cash back and still cap the cash back  at RM40 per cardholder. Those people at HLB should seriously consider me to be part of their credit card division team. Click here to read more about my article titled The Best Credit Cards in 2011 where I proposed the Ultimate Credit Card to be issued by Hong Leong Bank.

And if you are shopping at Pavilion Kualal Lumpur, your Hong Leong credit cards can earn you a free cup of coffee at Pacific Coffee when you spend RM100 or above at any outlet. Click here to read more about HLB Promotions.

For the last few years, Hong Leong Bank credit cards promotions are not really benefiting their card holders and I am sure many have cancelled their HLB card(s). The only main reason why I would think anyone is holding a non Ex-EON Bank credit card is because of Hong Leong Bank non interest free Balance Transfer Plan where one can ask for cash to be deposited into their Savings or Current account and treat it like a short term loan.

Ex-EON Bank credit cards are pretty good where like the Golden Screen Cinema, Matta, The Store and Visa Signature credit cards. HLB is lucky that they took controlled of EON Bank, else I am sure their credit card base would decrease further next year as compared to beginning of 2011.

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