Maybank Treats Points On The Spot Redemption

Did you know that you can also do On The Spot Redemption with your Maybank Treats Points that you have earned with your Maybankard Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards? It is like instead of paying with cash, you use your Treats Points to either pay the bill in full or partially at the outlet itself. No need to wait for vouchers to be courier to you or go to Maybank Card Centres to redeem for vouchers.

Some of the merchants participating in the Maybank On The Spot Redemption program are:

MetroJaya (RM50 = 9000TP)

Best Denki


Robinsons (RM50 = 9000TP)

PK Time Sdn Bhd



Onking (RM50 = 10000)

HSL (RM50 = 9700TP)

Sony Centres (RM50 = 10000)

Parkson (RM50 = 9300TP)

Mydin (RM50 = 10000TP)

To see the complete list of On The Spot merchants, click here.

And to check what you can redeem with your Treats Points, click here.

Just for you information, you can also go with 0% installemnt plan with your American Express credit cards at many outlets including Jewelers such as Poh Kong and Tomei besides the many furniture and electrical goods merchants like Courts, Harvey Norman, HSL and etc. Click here to read my article American Express Promotion 2011 -2012 where I have also provided a list of merchants offering 0% installment with the American Express. 

Recently I bought an Apple iPad2 for RM999 with my Maybankard 2 American Express at Harvey Norman by using my Treats Points and earning RM50 cash back. Click here to read more about it and see the “voucher” I redeemed at Harvey Norman, with my Treats Points which is a Maybank On The Spot redemption participating outlet, to pay towards the purchase of my iPad2.

Beside On The Spot Redemption,  you can also convert your Treats Points to cash and pay for bills at 1 Utama with a program called RCubed.

You can also use your American Express Membership Rewards points and convert them to cash at participating RCubed outlets.  But I would think it is more worth it to convert the MR to cash thru the Customer Service to offset your bill. Click here to read about converting you AMEX Membership Rewards points to cash.

Click here to read about Maybank Visa and MasterCard promotion at Johor Premium Outlets.


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