AmBank Credit Card Promotions 2011 – 2012

UPDATE February 2012 – Click here to AmBank Credit Cards Happenings March 2012

AmBank 20% Cash Back on weekends for Petrol, Groceries, Departmental and Pharmacy promotion has been running since June 2011 and wil expire on March 2012. Since this weekend will be the first weekend of December 2011, I thought that I remind you guys holding AmBbank credit cards about this promotion. And, for those of you who are not familar with the terms and conditions of this promotion, please click here to my article on AmBank Promotion at blogspot where I have posted examples and discuss briefly about how you can earn the 20% cash back.

Click here to read more about AmBank 20% Cash Back

Another good offer from AmBank is where you can convert you retail transactions to either 6 or 9 months 0% installment plans. This promo expire on 31 January 2012.

And if you shop at Bangsar Shopping Centre, even if you don’t have a AmBank Visa credit card, go check it out if your Visa credit card is entitled to Visa’s Promo below:

And don’t forget to use your AmBank Credit Card to enjoy 10% discount at Starbucks for dine-in and take away. This Starbuck discount promo with AMBank credit card ends in March 2012.

And if you are thinking of doing Balance Transfer with AMBank to get thier free gifts, my advise is that you better go with other banks’ Balance Transfer Plans where few are offering 0% interest and can go up to 12 months tenure.

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