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Maybank Visa Signature – The Best Visa Signature Credit Card in Malaysia

There is a new credit card in town that everybody would love to have – it’s the Maybank Visa Signature. This Maybank Visa Signature earns the card holder 5% cash back for Petrol and Groceries EVERYDAY! And the monthly cash back is capped at RM88 versus Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX RM50. And to top the cash back benefits, the Maybank Visa Signature offers unbelievable UNLIMITED FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounge within Malaysia.

Back in May 2014, I published an article on the benefits of Public Bank Visa Signature which offers 6% cash back for Groceries, Dining and Online Transactions. However, the kedekut Public Bank is well aware that Petrol is one of the essential expenses which we can’t avoid; and if it offered 5% cash back, all the Public Bank VS holders would only mainly use the card for Petrol to earn monthly cash back.

So, I would say that Maybank is truly a wonderful and generous bank that assist the Rakyat in their daily survival and they don’t discriminate any class. The Entry Level Maybankard 2 Cards Gold AMEX (minimum annual income RM30K) earns Fresh Graduates and Junior Execs 5% cash back for Petrol. For people in the middle management level, the Maybank 2 Cards Platinum AMEX earns them 5% cash back plus FREE Golf games.

But you know lah, to some Malaysians, “saving face” is so important that one must have a higher level credit card compared to his/her peers (actually it’s “shiok sendiri”). Therefore some would not want a Classic (HLB WISE) or Platinum (Maybank 2 Cards) and prefer to hold a useless Premier Credit Card and earn less in returns (example – Standard Chartered Visa Infinite). So Maybank now offering those in senior management level the opportunity to earn themselves 5% cash back for Petrol with a Premium Credit Card.

The Public Bank Visa Signature also claimed that it also offers UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia but in reality it is just a marketing ploy. The conditions imposed for the FREE entry is damn freaking insincere.

The Maybankard 2 Cards does offer UNLIMITED FREE entries to airport lounges WITHOUT ANY. CONDITIONS! To top the 5% cash back for Petrol, the Maybank Visa Signature grants the card holder UNLIMITED FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges within Malaysia. Wait, it gets better, you can issue 4 FREE Supplementary cards and they too are eligible for UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges without any conditions! And no other Visa Signature credit card in Malaysia can offer your Supplementary card holder FREE entries to airport lounges (i.e. Plaza Premium Lounge).

With the above, I am pleased to award the Maybank Visa Signature the title of The Best Visa Signature Credit Card in Malaysia and also The Ultimate Credit Card for FREE Entries to Plaza Premium Lounges within Malaysia.

Click here to read my review of the Maybank Visa Signature Credit Card.


Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans 2014 – Best 0% Interest Rate Loan

I just republished my article on Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans to show what are the current plans available in the market.

Currently the banks offering 0% Balance Transfer Plan are AEON Card Services, Affin Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank and Public Bank. Maybank does advertise that they are offering 0% BT for 12 months BUT that’s bull shit because you will be imposed a 3% upfront fee.

Other Banks’ Balance Transfer Plans mentioned in the article are Allaince Bank and AmBank.

No two Balance Transfer Plans are the same as each bank will have their own set of Terms and Conditions.

For those of you who are new to Balance Transfer Plans and those of you wanting to know what the banks are currently offering, click the link below to learn more on Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans:

The Best Credit Card Balance Transfer Plan 2014

In this article I will show you the following:

1. Different types of Balance Transfer Plans, i.e. True 0% BT Plans, Upfront Interest BT Plans and Reducing Interest BT Plans.

2. Current 0% Balance Transfer Plans and my comments.

3. And what you really need to know about Balance Transfer Plans.

Now, if you are stubborn and not wanting to read my above mentioned article and go ahead and perform a Balance Transfer, I have a tip for you – DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD WHICH YOU HAVE PERFORMED BALANCE TRANSFER WITH UNTIL YOU HAVE SETTLE THE DEBT IN FULL. This warning is most appropriate for Balance Transfer Plans that do not create a NEW ACCOUNT for the Balance Transfer.

Highest Fixed Deposit Promotions Interest Rates April May and June 2014

I just updated my Fixed Deposit Page at my main blog. To find out which banks are offering highest and best interest rates for Fixed Deposit for April, May and June 2014, please click on the link below:


Check out OCBC 12 months and 18 months Straight Forward FD which do not require the stupid CASA thingy.

And don’t be mislead by Maybank claiming that their Step Up FD 12 month Promo is offering 3.88% effective interest rate.

Other Banks’ Fixed Deposit Promotions mentioned in my FD Page are from Affin Bank, AmBank Top Bundle, UOB Bank, Public Bank, Bank Rakyat and Hong Leong Bank.

And in my FD Page, I have tips as to how to maximize earning higher effective interest rates for FD promos requiring you to deposit x% into CASA, especially on OCBC FD deals.

Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite Credit Card Review

Hong Leong Bank has finally launched their Visa Infinite, not one but 2 versions.

However, you better read the terms and conditions of the Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite benefits, else you will be pissed of big time especially in regards to the FREE airport lounge access. I got no idea if the HLB VI only allows FREE entry to KLIA Plaza Premium  Lounge or airport lounges worldwide. But it makes no difference to me because one is a fool to use the HLB Visa Infinite for their expenses and earn less Enrich Miles compared to other credit cards which includes an Entry Level Gold credit card.

To learn more about the Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite benefits versus Alliance Bank Visa Infinite vs Maybank Visa Infinite vs UOB Visa Infinite including versus the Entry Level Maybankard 2 Card Gold AMEX, click on the link or image below:

Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite Credit Card

Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite – First and Last Look.

If you don’t read my article mentioned above, you will regret later knowing that  others only need to spend 50% less in order to earn the same Enrich Miles compared to the Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite to redeem FREE Malaysia Airlines ticket.  And we don’t need to spend RM100K yearly to be eligible for FREE entries to airport lounges worldwide.

My Credit Cards and My Bragging Rights 2014

The time has come once again for me to bore you with My Bragging Rights and show off My Credit Cards and Debit Cards Collection for 2014.

In this article, besides posting my entire active cards collection, I also did a brief review on the Alliance Platinum Visa, Alliance Visa Infinite, CIMB Visa Infinite & World MasterCard, Citibank Platinum Visa, Hong Leong Bank Platinum MasterCard, HSBC Visa Signature, Maybankard 2 Cards, Maybank Visa Infinite, OCBC Titanium MasterCard, RHB Platinum Visa, UOB Preferred Platinum Visa and UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite credit cards, and as to how they benefited me. And guess how many of my credit cards are in my Top 10 Best Credit Card 2014 Malaysia list?

One of the benefit of me having so many credit cards and combined with my wife’s own principal credit cards, we get to bring my entire family into the KLIA and LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge for FREE :)

In my article, I have announced that his is the last time I’ll be posting my cards collection as I don’t think I’ll be able to qualify for any more Premier Credit Cards.

And THANKS TO YOU, I have another Bragging Right, i.e. I have more than 1K Likes here and more than 1.5M page views when I combined my blogs. However, according to Alexa, my generationsxyz.blogspot site ranking in Malaysia is pathetic at Top 18K, hahaha. I doubt my site ranking in Malaysia will ever be in the Top 1K as my articles only interest those who have similar intellectual level as me. There are not that many of us who are in this elite range who practice critical reading and analyze info available in detail.

Without further ado, all penyibuks (busybodies) please click the link below to start reading article titled My Bragging Rights and My Credit Cards 2014

My Bragging Rights and My Credit Cards 2014

The Best Credit Card for Overseas Spending Online or In Person

So far I have presented to you guys two articles with regards to The Best Credit Cards 2014:

Malaysia Top 10 Best Credit Cards 2014


The Best Cash Back Credit Card Combination 2014

I have been reiterating that there is no such thing as The Best Credit Card. The smart thing to do is to use the right credit card(s) to suit your spending pattern in order to optimize the returns.

And for the benefit of those who do perform overseas transactions online or in person, I am pleased to announced that I have just published my article titled The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions 2014.

And like the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, you’ll never know what coded message I have included in my articles until you read and discover them.

Without further ado, click the link below to find out which is the best credit card for overseas transactions – for my case it is my Maybank Visa Infinite, what about you?

The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions 2014


Malaysia Best Cash Back Credit Cards Combo 2014 – Max Your Cash Back Returns

Previously, I opened my big mouth and promised my readers a Christmas/New Year gift, and it’s a miracle that I delivered it on time. However like any gift, it may or may not be useful or what you want, but it is the thought and effort that counts, hahaha.

Actually, the gift  I have for you consist of several items – it’s like those gift box that comes with several miniature perfume bottles. They are all nice and useful but you get to chose and use the one you like most now and save the rest for later use.

The first part of my gift to you consist of Cash Back Credit Cards Comparison Up To RM1K/Month Spending between Maybankard 2 Cards vs Hong Leong Bank Wise vs UOB One Card vs MACH by HLB vs AEON Watami. And I also touched on the HSBC Amanah Mpower Platinum i too so that you’ll be aware of HSBC’s marketing strategy. This first gift will give you an idea as to how to go about making a comparison based on your needs to come out with the Best Cash Back Credit Card for your case.

The second part is what many want, a Cash Back Card to replace their OCBC Titanium MasterCard.

The third part of my gift to you consist of What Cash Back Credit Card Is The Best For Your Petrol needs.

The fourth part, What Credit Card Combination Is Good For Up To RM2K/Month Spending to maximize the cash back returns we can earn.

And last but not least, for those who spends more than RM2K/month, what are the alternative cash back credit cards to own. I have prepared a table with RM500 increment Up To RM5K/Month spending to indicate the options available to you in order to optimize your cash back returns based on your needs.

Without further ado, please click on the link below to receive my gift to you:

The Best Cash Back Credit Cards Combination 2014

And the best gift of all is education, and that’s what I would like to believe my gift above is all about. I believe most will find my gift to be everlasting. Based on my article, the smart ones are  able to notch up a level by obtaining the necessary skills to evaluate, determine and choose the necessary credit cards and debit cards for their own needs now and forever :)