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KLIA 2 FREE Airport Lounge Entries with My Credit Cards

There are 3 Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA 2 where I can enter for FREE with my credit cards and or Priority Pass Membership Card.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge Gateway @ KLIA 2 – before main terminal and before entering immigration.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge near Gate L8 – you must pass through security. This airport lounge is a freaking big hassle for those who are departing at gates P and Q.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge Wellness Spa – Satellite Building Mezzanine Floor, next to McD.

At the previous LCCT, I can use my credit cards to get FREE entries for my family members to enter both the Plaza Premium Lounge at landside and airside; BUT, that may not be necessary the case for the Plaza Premium Lounge at Gateway@KLIA2 because they don’t accept Priority Pass Membership Card (PPMC).

The good news is that the Plaza Premium Lounge at Gate L does accept the PPMC. The bad news is – it would be a freaking big hassle if you are departing from Gates P and Q.

Click here to my article to learn more on FREE Entries to the 3 Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA 2.


Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans 2014 – Best 0% Interest Rate Loan

I just republished my article on Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans to show what are the current plans available in the market.

Currently the banks offering 0% Balance Transfer Plan are AEON Card Services, Affin Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank and Public Bank. Maybank does advertise that they are offering 0% BT for 12 months BUT that’s bull shit because you will be imposed a 3% upfront fee.

Other Banks’ Balance Transfer Plans mentioned in the article are Allaince Bank and AmBank.

No two Balance Transfer Plans are the same as each bank will have their own set of Terms and Conditions.

For those of you who are new to Balance Transfer Plans and those of you wanting to know what the banks are currently offering, click the link below to learn more on Credit Card Balance Transfer Plans:

The Best Credit Card Balance Transfer Plan 2014

In this article I will show you the following:

1. Different types of Balance Transfer Plans, i.e. True 0% BT Plans, Upfront Interest BT Plans and Reducing Interest BT Plans.

2. Current 0% Balance Transfer Plans and my comments.

3. And what you really need to know about Balance Transfer Plans.

Now, if you are stubborn and not wanting to read my above mentioned article and go ahead and perform a Balance Transfer, I have a tip for you – DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD WHICH YOU HAVE PERFORMED BALANCE TRANSFER WITH UNTIL YOU HAVE SETTLE THE DEBT IN FULL. This warning is most appropriate for Balance Transfer Plans that do not create a NEW ACCOUNT for the Balance Transfer.

Highest Fixed Deposit Promotions Interest Rates April May and June 2014

I just updated my Fixed Deposit Page at my main blog. To find out which banks are offering highest and best interest rates for Fixed Deposit for April, May and June 2014, please click on the link below:


Check out OCBC 12 months and 18 months Straight Forward FD which do not require the stupid CASA thingy.

And don’t be mislead by Maybank claiming that their Step Up FD 12 month Promo is offering 3.88% effective interest rate.

Other Banks’ Fixed Deposit Promotions mentioned in my FD Page are from Affin Bank, AmBank Top Bundle, UOB Bank, Public Bank, Bank Rakyat and Hong Leong Bank.

And in my FD Page, I have tips as to how to maximize earning higher effective interest rates for FD promos requiring you to deposit x% into CASA, especially on OCBC FD deals.

Malaysia Best Top Ten Credit Card 2014

I am pleased to announced that I have published my third Credit Card Ultimate Showdown – The Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia 2014.

This time around, I have included two new categories in my evaluation.

In view that Maybank Treats Points now have validity period of 3 years like most banks, I have a new category for timeless evergreen reward points.

Another new category is for Enrich Miles where we get “FREE” Malaysia Airlines ticket (excluding surcharges and taxes) from our credit card usage.

Omitted from from this top 10 credit card review are Public Bank credit cards where the cash back starts at miserable 0.3% including their Platinum cards, Standard Chartered Banks credit card including their Visa Infinite where one needs ridiculous rewards points to perform a redemption.

The StanChart Visa Infinite have been stripped off it’s titled of Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card which I awarded to it couple years back because effective October 2013, it only grants you 2 FREE Entries to airport lounge worldwide. And couple with Standard Chartered Bank credit cards useless reward points, I have now classified SCB VI as one of the worst credit card in Malaysia together with OCBC Gold credit card which earns you miseralbe 0.2% cash back.

A total of 22 credit cards were evaluated and reviewed plus one special evaluation in the conclusion.

The credit cards review in this showdown to compare the benefits in coming up with my Top Ten list consists of Alliance Bank Platinum and Visa Infinite; Citibank Prestige MasterCard World, PremierMiles AMEX, Platinum and Cash Back Card; AmBank Visa Infinite and World MasterCard; CIMB Visa Signature, CIMB World MasterCard and Visa Infinite; Hong Leong Bank Visa Signature; HSBC Visa Signature; Maybankard 2 Cards and Visa Infinite; OCBC Titanium MasterCard; RHB Visa Signature; and versus UOB One Card, Platinum and Visa Infinite.
I know some of you guys have been waiting for this credit card ultimate showdown, so without further ado, please click on the link below to find out the BEST TOP TEN CREDIT CARDS in Malaysia 2014:

The Best Top Ten Credit Cards in Malaysia – Ultimate Showdown 2014

And once again, if you have yet to go get the Maybankard 2 Cards, which I keep repeating is the best credit card for local transactions, what are you waiting for? Use the Maybankard 2 AMEX at GIANT, TESCO, AEON, Parkson, Metro Jaya, Harvey Norman, Courts, MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya, Petronas and most other petrol stations, Telekom, TNB, Local Council Assessment, Hotels, Air Asia, Malayais Airlines, Tai Thong Group of restaurants, Sushi Zamai, Pasta Zamai, Rakuzen, Alexis, luxury brand outlets and many other outlets including UNIQLO. And if the AMEX is not welcomed, then your MBB 2 Visa or MC get to taste some actions :)

The Best and Highest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Promotion September 2012

For September 2012, OCBC Fixed Deposit promotion interest rates were lowered as compared to month of August 2012.  The interest rate for the OCBC Combo Promo has been reduced to 4% and you need to deposit 20% equivalent to the FD amount into a new Savings Account. The good news is OCBC has a saving account called Smart Saver with interest rate up to 3% pa.  And if you open or upgrade to OCBC Premier Banking, half of your AUM is entitled to 5% interest rate for FD.

The highest fixed deposit promotional interest rate is 5% being offered by HSBC new Amanah branches, two in Kuala Lumpur and 1 at Kota Damansara.

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Promotions are still being offered until end of October 2012 where you can get 3.65% interest rate for 12 months Fixed Deposit with Junior FD. HLB Priority Banking customers are entitled to 3.65% too for 6 months Fixed Deposit.

UOB Bank Privilege Banking customers also enjoy higher additional interest rates on top of their current promotional interest rates for Fixed Deposit.

To learn more and to compare the latest and highest interest rates for Fixed Deposit promotions offered by AmBank ( AmBank Islamic i Accounts), CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, Maybank, OCBC Bank, UOB Bank and  Bank Rakyat, click below link:

For the most comprehensive listing of Fixed Deposit Promotion Interest Rates in Malaysia where others come to get their information, click >>> GenX GenY GenZ presents The Best, Highest and Latest Fixed or Time Deposit Promotion Interest Rates in Malaysia Septmeber 2012 – CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, OCBC and UOB Bank.

AmBank Top Rate Fixed Deposit Promotion 16 May to 30 June 2012

AmBank just launched their latest Fixed Deposit Promotion on 16 May 2012 offering 3.9% for 12 months tenure FD. This FD promotion ends 30th June 2012.

The offer is open to individuals and SME where the minimum fresh fund requirement are RM10K and RM20K respectively.

The other thing is that the interest must be credited into CASA, thus need to open a Savings or Current Account.

And if you are willing to apply for AmBank credit card, they are offering 4% for 12 months FD BUT it is capped at maximum of RM200K deposit only.

AMBank is also offering 6 and 9 months FD promotion but the 6 months rate is less than OCBC 3.65%.

Click here to my Fixed Deposit Page at GenX GenY GenZ for latest FD Promotions from UOB, OCBC, RHB, CIMB, Maybank, Alliance Bank.

The Best Credit Card in Malaysia 2012 – Is There One This Year?

Last year I published 2 articles on subject of The Best Credit Card in Malaysia at My Credit Cards blogspot as follows:

1. The Best Credit Card in Malaysia – Is There Really One?

2. Malaysia Top 10 Credit Cards – Ultimate Showdown 2011

And on March 8 2012, I published my latest list of The Best Top Ten Credit Cards. All together 18 credit cards were evaluated from AmBank, Alliance Bank, CIMB Bank, Citibank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, Maybank, OCBC Bank and UOB Bank. Two newly launched credit cards made it to my this year Top 10 credit cards. Credit Cards from Public Bank and RHB platinum were excluded from the evaluation. Click on below link to read more on the Subject of Best Credit Cards 2012 and see if your credit card made it to my Top 10 for 2012.

The Best Top Ten Credit Card in Malaysia – Ultimate Showdown 2012

The Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia