Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Credit Card Review – 5% Cash Back for Petrol and Groceries

For those of you who are searching for another credit card (annual income requirement stating from RM30K) to compliment your Maybankard 2 Gold/Platinum Cards, especially for Petrol and Groceries, I have good news for you.

It gives me great pleasure to present to you Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold/Platinum Card – another fantastic FREE FOR LIFE Cash Back Credit Card from the generous Maybank to assist us in earning 5% cash back for Petrol.

Please click on the below link or image to read my very short review of the Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Credit Card where I will show you how you can benefit from it – that is if you need another card for petrol and/or groceries:

Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Card Review


Malaysia’s Best Credit Card Issuer 2014 – 2015

Very soon I shall present to you Malaysia’s Best Top 10 Credit Cards – Ultimate Showdown 2015. And as a prelude to my Top 10 List of Best Credit Cards in Malaysia, I will now share with you a new special award, i.e. The Best Credit Card Issuer/Bank, and the winner is none other than the freaking generous Maybank.

Malaysia Best Credit Card Issuer Award Gold
Generally, I do not encourage anyone to post comments at my Facebook Page, but this time around, I make an exception and I would appreciate if you could take some time to comment on the wonderful Maybank Credit Cards at my Facebook Page with regard to:

1. You applied for a Maybank credit cards after you read my articles; or

2. How the FREE FOR LIFE Maybankard 2 Platinum/Gold Cards or any other Maybank credit cards card has benefited you; or

3. You appreciate that Maybank provides Toll Free Customer Service for their Maybankard 2 AMEX Gold. Platinum and Premier cardholders; or

4. Maybankard Centres (1U, KLCC and The Gardens) are really convenient because they can issue you the card(s) in about 2 hours time (Mon-Fri before 7pm); or

5. You are very happy that you do not need to beg year after year for annual fee waiver for the Maybankard 2 Cards or other Maybank Credit Cards;

6. You have a Maybank Credit Card and you just want to say “Thank You, Maybank”.

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The Best Credit Card in The World Just Got Better

In my comprehensive review of the Maybank 2 Cards Premier (American Express Reserve and Visa Infinite combo), I concluded it by awarding the Maybank 2 Cards Premier the title  of “The Best Credit Card In The World”.

Usually with time, most credit card issuers will downgrade the benefits that come with their credit cards. Example, when UOB Bank first launched their Privilege Banking Visa Infinite, it offered unlimited entries to airport lounges worldwide with the Priority Pass Membership Card; however, they downgraded this privilege recently and now it only offers 12X FREE entries a year.

When Maybank launched the stand alone Visa Infinite in 2011 and Maybank 2 Cards Premier (AMEX Reserve plus Visa Infinite) in early 2014, both the Visa Infinite come with a Priority Pass Membership Card that offers 5X FREE entries to airport lounges worldwide. If you did not know, these mentioned cards offer the best conversion of credit cards’ reward points to Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles.

And recently, Maybank revised upwards the benefits of their Visa Infinite credit card, i.e. it now offers UNLIMITED entries to Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide for the Principal Card Holder while maintaining the 5X FREE entries with the Priority Pass Membership Card for FREE access to airport lounges worldwide. This is freaking unbelievable, who would have thought that Maybank would be so generous to upgrade their credit cards’ benefits over time.

Below are the Plaza Premium Lounges where you are entitled to FREE UNLIMITED entries with the Maybank Visa Infinite:

  • KLIA – Plaza Premium Lounge at International area
  • KLIA2
    – Plaza Premium Lounge at Gateway@klia2, Sector 3, Regional Area
    – Wellness Spa at klia2, Sector 6, International Area (after skybridge)
  • Senai International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge at Airside
  • Penang International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge at Domestic and International areas
  • Langkawi International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge at Landside and Airside
  • Kuching International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge at Airside
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport – Plaza Premium Lounge at Domestic and International areas.


The Maybank 2 Cards Premier (which comes with both the American Express RESERVE and Visa Infinite) has two main features that are second to none. Firstly, you earn you 2X and 5X Treats Points for local transactions with the Visa Infinite and AMEX Reserve respectively. For overseas, both cards earn you 5X Treats Points. And the second main feature is that you can earn 1 Enrich Mile with every RM0.90 spent. The annual fee is automatically waived with RM80K spending a year. Even if you only spend about RM30K to RM50K a year locally, it may be still worthwhile to get the Maybank 2 Cards Premier  because you can earn yourself a one-way business class ticket to Australia or Europe with Malaysia Airlines which is worth much more than the annual fee. To learn more about the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Premier, click on the link below to my comprehensive review:

Maybank 2 Cards Premier – A Comprehensive Review by GenX GenY GenZ

In my comprehensive review of the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, I will show you why the Maybank 2 Cards is so wonderful and what you should do to optimize your returns with it. And the overseas conversion rate of the Maybank 2 Cards Premier is way better than UOB Visa Infinite and Alliance Bank Visa Infinite where both also earns you 5X points for overseas transactions.


The Maybank Visa Infinite was launched back in 2011 and immediately become an over night sensation because it earns the cardholder 5X Treats Points overseas and coupled it with the Enrich Miles conversion of 4500TP =  1 Enrich Miles, it meant that the cardholder earn 1 Enrich Mile with every RM0.90 spent. No other credit card then offered such a generous conversion of reward points to Enrich Miles.

The Maybank Visa Infinite annual fee is automatically waived with RM50K spending a year. To learn more about the Maybank Visa Infinite, please click on the link below:

Maybank Visa Infinite – A Comprehensive Review


The annual income requirement is RM180K for both the Maybank 2 Cards Premier and stand alone Visa Infinite. What if your annual income is only RM100K? Well, check out the fantastic must have Maybank Visa Signature which earns you 5% cash back for Petrol!!!

And the Maybank Visa Signature entitles you to UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounge nationwide. But, like I always say, Maybank is freaking generous when it comes to their credit card benefits. You see, Maybank Visa Signature Supplementary card holders are also entitled to UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounge nationwide!!!

To learn more about the Maybank Visa Signature, please click on the link below:

Maybank Visa Signature – Another Must Have Cash Back Credit Card


Maybank Visa Signature – The Best Visa Signature Credit Card in Malaysia

There is a new credit card in town that everybody would love to have – it’s the Maybank Visa Signature. This Maybank Visa Signature earns the card holder 5% cash back for Petrol and Groceries EVERYDAY! And the monthly cash back is capped at RM88 versus Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX RM50. And to top the cash back benefits, the Maybank Visa Signature offers unbelievable UNLIMITED FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounge within Malaysia.

Back in May 2014, I published an article on the benefits of Public Bank Visa Signature which offers 6% cash back for Groceries, Dining and Online Transactions. However, the kedekut Public Bank is well aware that Petrol is one of the essential expenses which we can’t avoid; and if it offered 5% cash back, all the Public Bank VS holders would only mainly use the card for Petrol to earn monthly cash back.

So, I would say that Maybank is truly a wonderful and generous bank that assist the Rakyat in their daily survival and they don’t discriminate any class. The Entry Level Maybankard 2 Cards Gold AMEX (minimum annual income RM30K) earns Fresh Graduates and Junior Execs 5% cash back for Petrol. For people in the middle management level, the Maybank 2 Cards Platinum AMEX earns them 5% cash back plus FREE Golf games.

But you know lah, to some Malaysians, “saving face” is so important that one must have a higher level credit card compared to his/her peers (actually it’s “shiok sendiri”). Therefore some would not want a Classic (HLB WISE) or Platinum (Maybank 2 Cards) and prefer to hold a useless Premier Credit Card and earn less in returns (example – Standard Chartered Visa Infinite). So Maybank now offering those in senior management level the opportunity to earn themselves 5% cash back for Petrol with a Premium Credit Card.

The Public Bank Visa Signature also claimed that it also offers UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia but in reality it is just a marketing ploy. The conditions imposed for the FREE entry is damn freaking insincere.

The Maybankard 2 Cards does offer UNLIMITED FREE entries to airport lounges WITHOUT ANY. CONDITIONS! To top the 5% cash back for Petrol, the Maybank Visa Signature grants the card holder UNLIMITED FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges within Malaysia. Wait, it gets better, you can issue 4 FREE Supplementary cards and they too are eligible for UNLIMITED FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges without any conditions! And no other Visa Signature credit card in Malaysia can offer your Supplementary card holder FREE entries to airport lounges (i.e. Plaza Premium Lounge).

With the above, I am pleased to award the Maybank Visa Signature the title of The Best Visa Signature Credit Card in Malaysia and also The Ultimate Credit Card for FREE Entries to Plaza Premium Lounges within Malaysia.

Click here to read my review of the Maybank Visa Signature Credit Card.


KLIA 2 FREE Airport Lounge Entries with My Credit Cards

There are 3 Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA 2 where I can enter for FREE with my credit cards and or Priority Pass Membership Card.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge Gateway @ KLIA 2 – before main terminal and before entering immigration.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge near Gate L8 – you must pass through security. This airport lounge is a freaking big hassle for those who are departing at gates P and Q.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge Wellness Spa – Satellite Building Mezzanine Floor, next to McD.

At the previous LCCT, I can use my credit cards to get FREE entries for my family members to enter both the Plaza Premium Lounge at landside and airside; BUT, that may not be necessary the case for the Plaza Premium Lounge at Gateway@KLIA2 because they don’t accept Priority Pass Membership Card (PPMC).

The good news is that the Plaza Premium Lounge at Gate L does accept the PPMC. The bad news is – it would be a freaking big hassle if you are departing from Gates P and Q.

Click here to my article to learn more on FREE Entries to the 3 Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA 2.



HSBC just can’t stop to piss me off.

Previously, I have posted at my Facebook Account that I was so frustrated with HSBC automated tele-machine which required me to press this and that before getting to speak to a human being and how HSBC begged me to give them another chance. Well, a few days ago, I logged into my HSBC Online Account and was shocked to know that I was charged the annual fee for my HSBC Visa Signature Credit Card; and worst of all, HSBC charged me Late Payment (which is a very detrimental thing as it will tarnish my Credit Report, i.e. CCRIS report).

So once again I had to call HSBC Customer Service and go through the irritating process of pressing this and that. I told the guy who answered my call that I was told that my annual fee would be waived. He then started off with the standard bull-shit that “it is the bank’s policy that we pay upfront the annual fee and HSBC will reimburse us later”. That pissed me off big time again. I had to explain to him again that HSBC offered to waive my annual fee the last time I spoke to them. So he checked HSBC system and indeed there was a memo stating that my annual fee is to be waived. Why can’t he just check the system before opening his big mouth to piss me off?

I just published an article titled “My HSBC Visa Signature Pisses Me Off Big Time” where I compiled 3 of the previous postings in my Facebook Account plus what transpired in my recent call to HSBC. In this said article I also gave suggestions to HSBC on what actions they are to take if they want to retain me next year.

Click here to read my article My HSBC Visa Signature Pisses Me Off


Maybankard 2 Cards GST Is Now RM100

First, the good news for Maybank credit cards holder – you may get to purchase a Smart Tag preloaded with RM700 into the Touch N Go card for only RM8. Maybank Great Sale Credit Card Promotion 2014So if you are going to use your Maybank credit card,  except for the cost of the sms registration, you got nothing much to loose but stand a chance to purchase something really cheap.

Step 1: Register via SMS
Type SALE(space)12-digit NRIC Number(space)Item Code and send to 66628
(E.g. SALE 810721106658 A1)

Step 2: Spend with Maybank Visa, MasterCard, AMEX Credit and Charge Card issued by Maybank and Maybank Islamic.

For more info and terms and consitions, please visit Maybank website.


When the Maybankard 2 Cards was first launched in 2011, we only had to pay a total of RM50 GST for both the AMEX and Visa or MasterCard Principal Cards. Actually, we were still charged the RM50 GST for the AMEX Card because it’s the law. But what Maybank did was to credit back RM50 into the AMEX account to offset the RM50 GST. That’s history.

Effective 9 July 2014, we will be charged RM50 GST for the AMEX and RM50 GST for the Visa/MasterCard making it a total of RM100. I.e. you won’t get RM50 credited into the AMEX account to offset the RM50 GST.

To read more, please click here to my article Maybankard 2 Cards AMEX and Visa/MasterCard Principal GST Is Now RM100.

In the above article, I also touched on Maybankard 2 Cards Treats Points validity period, overseas conversion fee for AMEX, Visa and MasterCard and the Effective Cash Back Rate for the Maybankard 2 Cards.

How to maximixe your Enrich Miles – Upgrade and Full Redemption

I just published my fifth article in my series A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit of That. Click the link below to read it:

This time the article covers matters as follows:

1. How long it took for the Tax Rebate for my wife’s handbags bought in Paris to be credited into my credit card account.

2. AirAsia Airbus A330 Premium seat versus Malaysia Airlines A380 Business Class seat. I could not sleep with AirAsia Premium Seat.

3. AirAsia versus Malaysia Airlines return trip ticket to Melbourne. – I have been saying that I have bought return tickets to Melbourne for less than RM1K. But during peak periods, AirAsia return ticket to Melbourne IS MORE EXPENSIVE than Malaysia Airlines!

4. You can also upgrade your Economy Class ticket with Malaysia Airlines to Business Class using Enrich Miles. This article will show you how many Enrich Miles I used to Upgrade my son’s and sister’s tickets to/from Paris and the additional amount I paid.

5. What type of ticket not to purchase if you want to upgrade to Business Class using Enrich Miles and what you should do before booking your ticket.

6. How many Enrich Miles I used to redeem for Business Class tickets for my parents to Paris and from London plus the total amount I paid for surcharges and taxes.

7. You get 15% discount if you redeem using Enrich Miles for flights online with Malaysia Airlines.

8. I booked hotel rooms with Agoda using MYR as it was cheaper compared to USD.

9. A 100% natural remedy to sooth your sore throat.

Last but not least, after you have read this article, I bet you will agree with me that the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX RESERVE and VISA INFINITE Combo are the best credit card in the world.

Click the link below to learn a thing or two or maybe nothing:

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That – Vol.1, Chapter V